Heifer Auction

Heifer Auction

Heifer Sale is on Friday, 11:00 AM in the Stables.  Heifers and calves are donated by local farmers and are auctioned.

  • 300 + pounds fresh hamburg frozen in 1 lb. packs

    Local dairy farmer donated one cow being processed into separate one pound fresh hamburg frozen pack's. Each voucher is for a total of 10 lbs. of hamburg. Buyer is solely responsible, with their auction voucher, to pick up the purchased hamburg at the butcher shop in Scheafferstown, PA no later than a specified date on the voucher, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any hamburg NOT picked up by that date , will then be donated to a food bank.

    Donated By: Local Dairyman

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We rely on the generosity of our supporting individuals and churches to make our auction a success.

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