Committee Contacts

The Brethren Disaster Relief Auction is comprised of a group of volunteers that come together to ensure a successful event. Below is the contact for each committee:

Arrangements Committee

The Arrangements Committee is responsible for auction site preparations prior to the auction and clean up afterwards.

Chris Keller, Chairman


Phone: (717) 269-4052

Arts & Crafts Committee

The Arts & Crafts Committee is responsible for securing, displaying and selling various arts & crafts at the auction event.

Pat Kimmel, Chairperson


Phone: 717-926-7479           

Julie Miller, Chairperson


Phone: 717-665-6396

Auctioneer Committee

The Auctioneer Committee is responsible for securing volunteer auctioneers to sell items at the various auctions.

Larry & Lucille Hollingshead, Co-Chairs


Phone: (717) 817-4033

Baked Goods Committee

The Baked Goods Committee is responsible for the receipt, care and sale of baked goods at the auction.

Jim & Joanne Boyer, Co-Chairs


Phone: (717) 259-9846

Children’s Auction Committee

The Children’s Auction Committee receives and sells items at the children’s auction.  They are also responsible for setting up a child friendly store where children can purchase new and used toys and children’s items.   They also host a babysitting service during the auction event, staffed by CDS personnel.

Marsha Heisey, Co-Chair


Phone: (717) 314-1925

Cathy Witman, Co-Chair


Phone: (717) 671-0305

Coin Auction Committee

The Coin Auction Committee is responsible for soliciting, receiving, purchasing, caring and selling of coins during the auction.

Tom (Chairman) & Fay Crape


Phone: (717) 449-6234

Dale Fahnestock, Chairman

Phone: (717) 757-4312

Farmers Market Committee

The Farmers Market Committee is responsible for receipt, care and sale of farmers market items such as produce, fruits and canned goods.

Gail & Tom Druck, Chairpersons


Phone: (717) 542-6018

Food Committee

The Food Committee is responsible for the preparation and sale of food items offered at the auction and at various other times.

Lois Roop, Chairperson


Phone: (717) 274-6056

Heifer Committee

The Heifer Committee is responsible to arrange for the receipt, care and sale of heifers and other livestock.

Mike Kunkle, Chairperson


Phone: (717) 269-8829

Information Committee

The Information Committee assists guest with questions and direction during the auction event.

Lois Ann Minnich

Information Technology Committee

The IT Committee supports the organizations digital presence on the web, on social media outlets, and on site during the auction event.  IT is responsible to make the auction accessible to all supporters including volunteers, donors, staff, and promoters.

Vincent Weaver, Chairman


Inter-church Communications Committee

The Inter-church Communications Committee is responsible for providing auction information to all Atlantic Northeast and Southern PA District churches.

Lois Ann Minnich 


Phone: (717) 575-6740

Main Auction Committee

The Main Auction Committee is responsible for the solicitation and collection of items to be sold at the North Hall Auction event including Silent Auction.

Gary & Orpha Stevens,

Main Hall & Silent Auction Contact


Phone: (717) 665-6655

Earl & Marian Fahnestock


Phone: (717) 575-8276

Bill & Sharon Pierce


Phone: (717) 664-5537

Dave & Mary Weaver


Phone: (717) 413-2002

Dale Fahnestock

Phone: (717) 757-4312

Pole Barn Committee

The Pole Barn Committee is responsible for receipt, care, and sale of used action items.

Dean Fahnestock, Chairperson

Phone: (717) 766-4860

Publication Committee

The Publication Committee is responsible for advertisement solicitation, editorial content, editing, publishing, and distribution of the annual pre-auction publication.

Mark & Marilyn Zimmerman, Co- Chairs


Phone: (717) 626-0605

Quilt Committee

The Quilt Committee is responsible for the receipt, care, and sale of quilts at the auction.

Joanne Hess, Co-Chair


Phone: (717) 626-6580

Deb Bendit, Co-Chair


Phone: 717-808-8453

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for maintaining a system for issuing bidder numbers and receiving payments from successful bidders.

Joanna Zimmerman, Chairperson


Phone: (717) 733-6300

Silent Auction Committee

The Silent Auction Committee is responsible for solicitation and collection of items to be sold in the Silent Auction.

Orpha Stevens, Chairperson


Phone: (717) 665-6655

Theme Baskets Committee

The Theme Basket Auction Committee is responsible for obtaining theme baskets registrations, and prepare baskets for auction.

Dory Crater, Chairperson


Phone: (717) 944-1271