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Barnyard Art Studio & Gallery

Artisan Elva Hurst is an extraordinarily talented chalk artist who also excels equally in writing and other artistic mediums.  This is a real hidden gem, where talents and abilities come to life and find freedom in their expression.  Take a respite from the busyness of life with a visit to the Barnyard!

Brenda Weaver Art

I’ve been a creative soul from my earliest recollections. My mom would humor me as I dabbled in one art expression or craft after another.

There are some things I’ve found to be true, over and over again: I love flowers. I love color. I love exploring new supplies and techniques. I love design and finding beauty in so many places.  Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my art!

Children’s Store

Country Treasures

Dance of Life by Karen Sensenig

I’m passionate about personal growth—both in my own life and in the lives of others. I love seeing joy in others as they notice the next positive steps in their lives.

This passion served me well throughout many years of teaching in the US and in Swaziland and Sudan, Africa. For nine years I pastored a church which grew rapidly as the long-term members welcomed newly arriving refugees into services, activities, and leadership. My current chaplain work at Lancaster General Hospital and Philhaven Psychiatric Hospital also benefits from my natural attraction toward hope, healing, and wholeness.

Pottery captivated me in 2015, when I took my first class. I continued to follow the steps and discovered that making Dance of Life oil lamps directly connects me to my passion. I received a steady stream of orders, without seeking orders. Individuals said they were experiencing calmness by watching the dance of the flames on the rim of the lamps.

I am now devoting more time to this energizing, yet calming, spiritual practice of making lamps for other people. I work mostly in silence, praying for the people who will eventually receive each lamp. My hope is that you, too, will take that next step toward a moment of quiet in your busy day. A still soul is more hopeful, more whole, than an anxious soul.

Farmer’s Market

Gladys Zeiset Art

Join us in Artisan Alley for beautiful art by Gladys Zeiset.

Hot Pads

KSW Photography

Located in Artisan Alley, KSW Photography specializes in Macro Nature and Nature Landscapes, among other things. 


Rachelle Livingston

Located in Artisan Alley, visit our Rachelle Livingston display of Watercolor Paintings and Prints.


Steve de Perrot Pottery

Located in Artisan Alley, we will have pottery by Steve de Perrot,  Steve has been an artist since early childhood and a potter since 1982.  His inspiration comes from the awesome beauty of what God has created.  The Pot’s by de Perrot studio gallery is located in a former carriage house in Lititz, PA.