The 43rd Annual Brethren Disaster Relief Results Are In!

The 43rd Annual Brethren Disaster Relief Results Are In!


Another year is in the history books!

First, we want to start off by thanking everyone for coming out and supporting this event with your donations, time, and money.  Without you all, this event wouldn’t happen.

This year was another good year!  We had many new stands and exciting items to sell.  Some of the highlights were: Added displays in the Silent Auction & Country Treasures area, clothing designer outfits by Matilda Jane, and additional food & arts stands in Artisan Alley.

Some other things that stood out where the 113 beautiful quilts found during this year’s quilt auction.  One quilt, called “Love Ring” was sold twice, totaling $2,900 in revenue!  The single highest selling quilt called “Pineapple Design”, sold for $2,050!

The Quilt Auction brought in a total of $32,000 in 2019.

In Theme Baskets, one basket called “Chocolate Frenzy” sold for $425.  The Theme Baskets auction brought in a total of $12,000.

In the Pole Barn, a Honner Accordian sold for $525.

The Heifer Sale brought in a total of $58,000.

At the Coin Auction, there were some interesting items, including a $20 Gold Piece that sold for $2050, another sold for $2500, a $10 Gold Piece for $2,000, and an 1885 CC PCGS MS65 Silver Dollar sold for $1200!

At the Children’s Auction, a couple “larger” items in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Children’s Auction were added to this year’s event.  One item was a Lego Firetruck that brought in $200.  An American Girl Doll brought in $80.

Food, as always, was popular bringing in $39,000 (updated 1/25/20).  New food options were: walking tacos, salads, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (one with Gene Wenger’s hamloaf!), and Dominican Empanadas!  We also had the staple favorites such as Amish handmade soft pretzels, pizzas, and doughnuts.

There were plenty of other exciting things to do during the auction event that raised funds as well!  The 5K Run brought in $12,000, the Car Show brought in $8,800, and Artisan Alley gift stands brought in $7,400.
Finally, after presenting you with some of the highlights, we get to the “meat and potatoes” of this auction weekend.  The Main Hall Auction brought in a total of $42,000.  Overall, including all the various stands and events during the weekend, we raised a total of $455,000 (updated 1/25/20)!  This includes cash received from fundraising and cash donations by individuals.


Again, we wish to thank you all for your support to this cause!  Mark your calendars for next years event on September 25th & 26th, 2020 where you will be sure to enjoy the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction, A Premier Family Fun Event™ raising funds for Gods Kingdom!  May God add his blessing to the funds that were raised as they are distributed by BDM to many of those in need who have been affected by natural disasters.