“Covid” Friends Tribute

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Size: 108 x 108

Colors: Multi

Type of Quilt: Pieced, Hand Quilted

This quilt tells the story of Covid-19 using the nine pieced blocks, as well as the jumble of color which represents the chaos that ensued as the virus relentlessly spread throughout the world. The block with the Chinese Lantern reminds us that the first case originated in Wuhan, China. Pandora's Box was opened, and death and destruction came upon the earth. The apple block reminds us of "The Big Apple", New York City which was overwhelmed early in the pandemic with a high percentage of the population contracting the disease. The cross reminds us that churches had to change their way to minister to people, and how faith endures through tragedy. Blocks remind us of the orders to wear masks and self-isolate. The heart block reminds us of how we love the unsung heroes who showed up to their jobs, risking their own health, because they were considered "essential" workers. There is a block called "I Miss You", which recognizes the reality of anxiety and depression, as well as a block entitled "Oppression", remembering the heightened focus on racism in our world.

This quilt tells a story in a unique and beautiful way. Consider taking a piece of history home with you this year.

Quilted By: Hempfield COB Quilters

Donated By: Arlene Slotter